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Check-In Desk



Kids Waiting Area

We know that sometimes the two-legged kiddos have to tag along to the four-legged kids appointments too, that's why we have a special kids only waiting area to help keep the little ones entertained!

Check-Out Desk

Examination Room

Our office has eight standard examination rooms and one visitation/consultation room

Visitation/Consultation Room

In-House Labratory

Hospital/ICU Kennels

Oxygen Kennel

ICU Kennels

Isolation Ward

Sometimes our furry family members come down with a contagious illness. Fortunately our Isolation ward allows us to safely treat many types of infections diseases without putting any of our other patients at risk.

Hospital Kennel Runs

Cat Only Ward



We currently offer standard ultrasounds and coming soon we will be offering in-depth abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds!


We offer digital radiography, including digital dental radiographs.

Surgery Suite

Special Procedures Room